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Facility List: Inspection Equipment

PECo ND300 CNC Gear Measurement System
The ND300 is a 4 Axis, computer controlled, inspection system that can measure gears and other geometric features utilizing a 3-Dimensional scanning probe. Gear tooth geometry Profile, Helix, Pitch, Runout, Tooth Thickness & Size, form-roundness, and 3D related feature single point and scanning measurements are performed in a volumetrically error mapped and thermally compensated work zone utilizing “off-the-shelf” components featuring non-contact Linear Motor technology and a Renishaw® precision scanning probe head that is “Crash Protected”.

Other software features: Unknown Gear or spline software, Root scan, Diameter Roundness scanning, 3D related features, Tooth timing, Worm inspection, Hob and Shaper cutter inspection, and Compare before and after Heat treated parts. Maximum Part size 12" Diameter by 16.5" long.3 Station Auto Probe Changer w/ Renishaw SCR400 holders

  • Numerex, coordinate measuring machine, model 1518-12 with CMM Manager software
  • Pratt & Whitney supermicrometer, model C for gage calibration.
  • Wilson model 5235 digital rockwell hardness tester.
  • Zeiss Surfcom model 130A surface roughness measuring machine with adjustable granite base. Allows for inspection of angular and conical sufaces also for thread and gear flanks. Results are printed on a thermal paper or can be down loaded to a PC for statistics and storage.
  • Jones & Lamson, optical comparator model Epic 214 with digital readout and surface illuminator, 8-1/2" X 32" table magnification 10X thru 100X.
  • Deltronic model DH-216 optical comparator, 16 inch screen with MPC5 digital readout
    computer processor.
  • Gleason No. 6 universal hand rolling and power bevel gear tester.
  • Vari-roll gear checker with redliner.
  • Vari-roll gear checkers.
  • Surface plates.
  • Precision height gage.
  • Master gears.
  • Master gage blocks.
  • Precision bench centers.
  • Sunnen PG-800 precision gage with PS-400 and PG-500 setting fixtures
  • 1" pressure micrometer.
  • 2" pressure micrometer.
  • 3" pressure micrometer.
  • Diatest bore gage .125" to .5" dia.
  • Dial bore gage .5" to 6.00" dia.
  • Miscellaneous special and standard hand tools.
  • Indicators.
  • Drop indicators and stands.
  • Gear wires.
  • Plug gages.
  • Plug and ring thread gages.
  • Plug and ring spline gages.
  • Magnetic bases.