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Facility List: Grinding and Thread Grinding Equipment

Automated Mitsubishi RD 23 CNC Angle Head O.D. Grinder
For higher production jobs and “lights out” capable. Equipped with a probe for shoulder location, and Control Gage in-process gauging system for Diameter size. Westech Ganty loading system with reversing station for “Complete Part Grinding” in one loading of the system. Max part size for Auto loading: 5.9” dia. by 10” long work piece.

(3) Mitsubishis RD 23-B35A Angle Head Cylindrical OD Grinder
Equipped with location probe.  Maximum swing = 9.1" dia., maximum grind = 5.9" dia., maximum distance between centers 13.8". Fanuc series 16GC CNC controller.

Studer model S20 CNC
Universal cylindrical grinding machine for internal and external grinding plus studerform software for vector generating out-of-round forms. Maximum swing, 7.8 inch diameter, 15.75 inches between center, fanuc series 16GC control with 32 bit processors.

Drake 6-36 CNC Thread Grinder with Automation
Complete with integrated automatic loading system utilizing a gantry system and a robot for loading. Also included is a probe for re-aligning existing threads and finiding shoulders. New coolant system to be utilized by both thread gridners includes chiller system and a Oberlin pressurized filtration system to improve surface finish and minimize waste oil.

Drake 12-45 CNC Thread Grinder
Precision Grinding of Standard 60 deg threads, multiple start threads and worms, 14 deg ACME threads, 20 deg worms and CNC dressed special forms. Capacity to Grind a 12” dia. by 45” long work piece.

Kent Surface Grinder: Model KGS-250AHD
Features a 8” X 18” Walker fine division magnetic chuck. Precision 3Axis hydraulics with Auto incremental downfeed. Maximum Part Size: 8” Wide X 18” long X 8” high. Max work piece weight: 550 lbs.

Myford model MG12-HPM
Cylindrical grinder, with automatic traverse and plunge cycle, 5 inch diameter by 10 inch length.

Select, cylindrical grinder, 8" dia. X 10" length.

Mikron A60/0 automatic hob sharpening machine with diamond and CBN grinding wheels.