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  • Complete-to-print manufacture of all types of materials including thru-hardened, carburized and nitrided steel, aluminum, brass and plastics.
  • Contract work for gear cutting, grinding, thread grinding and broaching
  • Spur gears, internal and external (.0375" to 8" dia x 11" long for external
    and 10" dia x 4" stroke for internal)
  • Splines, internal and external
  • Helical gears, internal and external
  • Worm/worm wheel matched sets
  • Acme nut and shaft matched sets
  • Assemblies — ratio reduction, gearhead, carrier, planetary
  • Bevel Gears - straight coniflex 16 DP or finer
  • Face gears
  • Skiving
  • OD and ID grinding
  • Thread grinding — worms, Acme threads, standard threads, custom threads
  • Broaching
  • Wire EDM of internal and external geometry including gear and splines for prototype work
  • Analytical gear inspection
  • Inspection of surface hardness and surface finish
  • Automated and "Lights Out" production
  • Use of NADCAP, Boeing, and Honeywell approved sources for outside processes